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High Tech Energy MAX
Water Heater Jacket

The energy crisis is here again.

Only this time it's for real and projected to get worse.

High Tech Energy MAX Water Heater Jacket Made in USAAs the demand for energy increases and supplies dwindle world wide, prices have only one way to go and that is up.

There is a high tech Energy MAX Water Heater Jacket designed to fit your electric hot water heater that will save you money. No fuss, no muss to install.

After a simple 15 - 20 minute installation, the Energy Max will do 4 powerful things for you, your family, and America:

  1. Save up to $37 - $157 every year*.
  2. Save even more money if you think you need a new water heater to achieve energy efficiency. Purchase and install Energy Max for $149.00 and save $351 off the typical cost of a new water heater ($500).
  3. Lessen America's dependence on foreign energy sources.
  4. Reduce the environmental impact of producing electricity from burning coal, natural gas, and oil.

Producing hot water for a family of four costs between $300.00-$900.00 per year, and costs are rising. The Energy Max Water Heater Jacket is like no other jacket on the market today in its ease of installation, durability, and proven* energy savings potential. Energy Max saves the average family $68.70 per year, providing an average annual 46% return on investment for as long as you own your home. Your exact savings may vary due to the cost of electricity in your area, temperature settings on the water heater, temperature of incoming water, ambient temperature, hot water usage and hot water heater location.

If we all do our part to save energy, America will be safer, cleaner, and more prosperous. The Energy Max is Made in America, and patented.

Energy MAX Water Heater Jacket for electric hot water heaters pays you back every year, forever - as long as you own your own home!

  • Developed with one of America's top research & development universities.
  • All inclusive kit - customized to your electric water heater make & model - contains everything you need to begin saving $$ off your electric bill immediately, including: Top and side insulation blanket, pipe insulation, and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • May qualify for a state or federal tax credits. May also qualify for utility company credit. (Contact your government & utility company consumer agencies.)
  • Unlike cheap, one-size-fits-all insulation blankets, Energy Max Water Heater Jackets are made for your make & model & will install in minutes without measuring, cutting, fiberglass debris, or messy taping.
  • Patented space technology thermal shield jacket keeps heat in, cold out like no other jacket on the market.
  • Air spacers boost thermal retention.
  • High quality materials &workmanship. Can easily be removed & reinstalled.
  • Choose the Energy Max Water Heater Jacket kit based on your electric hot water heater model for easy, hassle-free installation. NOT FOR USE ON GAS HOT WATER HEATERS.

* Georgia Institute of Technology Energy & Environmental Management Center research Water Heater Insulation Jacket: Test Results/Design Implications. Rates quoted include all utility, government charges, fees, and taxes. Savings based on 1998 and earlier electric water heaters.

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